We are a subsidiary of 3Line Card Management Limited; a company that designs, builds, and operates an end to end electronic payment infrastructure which allows organizations, government agencies and individuals to collect, transfer or withdraw cash electronically at any time and place.

3Line focuses on 2 key areas:


Majority of 3Line's eServices rely on a card platform which is smart card based and licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate in Nigeria under the Freedom Card® brand name. 3Line's card platform is multi-payment, multi-functional and multi-channel which means that for the first time a card is now available in Nigeria which has both online and offline capabilities as its standard features. By supporting your card with 3Line's platform, you and your customers can conduct more transactions of different types with one card.

3Line focuses on breaking down the barriers that stand between you and your personal or corporate aspirations. We offer innovative eService solutions that simplify your life.

As pioneers in the industry, our main focus is to establish world class infrastructure for eServices in Nigeria; providing simple yet powerful eCommerce, ePayment, eIdentity and eData solutions to the public while supporting eGovernment initiatives.