Who is a Freedom Network Customer?
Everyone is welcomed to join the Freedom Network. We are building the best and most secure Electronic payment platform to enable our customers engage in Street Banking transactions (Money Transfer, Savings, Cash withdrawal, Toll top-up, Airtime top-up, and payment of bills). Even if you don’t have a Freedom card you are welcome to still transact at any of our merchant locations with cash. For example, you want to transfer money to a loved one and you don’t have a Freedom card, you can get one from your nearest merchant or you can simply hand over cash to the merchant who will use his own merchant card to make the transfer on your behalf. The merchant will give you a receipt as proof of transfer and your loved on at the other end can verify the transfer either by doing a balance enquiry at the ATM or balance enquiry at his nearest merchant location. It’s as simple as ABC.

For your benefit, the Freedom Card is a hybrid card, i.e. it has a Magstripe as well as Chip and PIN. It is designed and built with the most advanced and secure smart card technology available. You get 3 for the price of 1. Our Freedom Card allows up to 3 different account types to be linked to one card. Customers can access their current account (debit), savings account (prepaid/eWallet) and their offline account (chip) for those emergency days where you need to transact but GPRS or communication at the merchant location is down. All 3 accounts on the Freedom card give access to Automated Teller Systems (ATMs) and Point of Sale (POS) terminals for Money Transfer, Cash Out, Savings, Toll top-up, Air-time top up, Bill Payments and so much more.

Who can join the Freedom Network?
Everyone can join the Freedom network. These include but not limited to: Petty Traders, Students, Workers, Artisans, Mechanics, Bus drivers and Conductors, Street airtime vendors, Professionals, House Wives, Small Scale Entrepreneurs, Taxi Drivers, etc. 

You are qualified to join the Freedom Network if:

  • You don’t have a bank account because you don’t need a bank account to join Freedom Network.
  • You hate queuing and waiting for hours in the bank
  • You don’t have a bank or an ATM close to your neighborhood
  • No referees or Guarantor required on Freedom Network
  • You want to easily send/transfer funds quickly to relatives in the villages and distant hamlets within Nigeria
  • Easy to activate and use your Freedom card immediately after joining the network at a merchants location
  • You are afraid of card fraud using your ATM debit cards or the machine swallowing your card.