Q: Who is a Freedom Network Merchant?
A: A Freedom Network Merchant is a business owner who is known and trusted within a community. who render instant financial services ranging from such services like bus ticket purchase and utility bill payment to money transfer and cash withdrawal at a shop within your neighbourhood. The person must successfully meet the merchant selection criteria set by 3Line and her partner organisation.

Q: What are the services rendered by merchants on the Freedom Network?
A: Merchants provide different services ranging from money transfer and payment of insurance premium to cash withdrawal.

Q: Where can I find a Merchant?
A: Merchants are located in neighbourhoods, schools, markets, shopping malls, barracks, eateries, petrol stations and some courier companies on the Freedom Network.

Q: How do merchants receive statements of their transactions and commissions?
A: Merchants receive statements of their transactions and commissions via email.

Q: How can I identify a Merchant location?
A: Merchant locations can be easily identified by Freedom Network branded materials such as fliers, posters, stickers, tent cards etc.

Q: How can I become a merchant?
A: It is simple and easy. All you need to do is fill and submit our online contact form. You will be contacted if you satisfy our merchant selection criteria. Alternatively call 01 - 2714967 for more information.

Q: Do I need to own a bank account before I become a merchant?
A: Yes. You need to open an account with any of our partnering banks to become a merchant.

Q: What is the main difference between Freedom Network Street Banking and a traditional banking service?
A: Freedom Network Street Banking is a financial service provided by a merchant via POS terminal at a merchant location while a banking service is a financial service provided via a banking platform.

Q: Is the Freedom Network subscription free?
A: Yes . However, you need to pay a joining fee to be able get your Freedom Card which gives you access to the Freedom Network.

Q: Can I access my bank account with my Freedom Card?

A: No. The Freedom Card is a prepaid value card that isn't linked to any bank account.

Q: How many times can I change my PIN?
A: There is no limit to the number of times you can change your secret PIN.

Q: What do I do in case I send money to the wrong number?
A: Wrong transfers are reversible on the Freedom Network. If you make an incorrect transaction, call Freedom Network Customer Care immediately and provide them with the transaction details.

Q: Is the Freedom Network available outside Nigeria?
A: No. Currently it is only available in Nigeria.

Q: How does my Freedom Card work with an ATM?

A: You must have money on your Freedom Card to perform a transaction on any ATM. Simply insert your card and follow the regular procedure to use the ATM.

Q: How much can I withdraw in a single transaction from an ATM?

A: The minimum withdrawal amount per ATM Transaction is N1, 000 while the maximum amount is N30, 000 per day.