What is Freedom Network?

This is a network of participating Banks, Merchants, Government agencies and Customers connected to a single platform to enable INSTANT and ALWAYS AVAILBLE financial services through POS terminals, mobile phones & the internet.

Who is a merchant?
An individual or entity whose business is the wholesale purchase and retail sale of goods in a particular community.

Who is a Freedom Network Merchant?
This is a person or entity that partners with 3Line Card Management Limited by providing their outlet or shops to customers to carry out transactions on the Freedom Network through our POS terminal.

What are the services available in a Merchant Outlet?
The Merchant outlet/shop allows an individual carry out the following transactions :

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Money transfer
  • Savings
  • LCC Toll top up
  • Payment for goods and services
  • Balance inquiry

What are the benefits to a Freedom Network Merchant?

  • Merchant earns additional income from customer subscription and transactions
  • Gives Merchant  increased brand projection opportunity
  • Merchants can build Customer loyalty
  • New Customer appeal
  • Reduction of  cash handling and the associated security risks
  • Transactions are online real-time
  • Increase customer patronage